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Cantillon Fou' Foune 750ml Combo

Includes 1 bottle of each of the following: *Paradox Skully no 29 *Counsil Fun with Mango *Council Beatitude Mosaic Dry Hopped *Council Les Saisons *Prairie Gold

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The Ale Apothecary 3 Bottle Combo

*Demon King of Friday, 12x375ml, American Wild Ale, bottle fermented with honey and cherry juice and aged in wine barrels, 9.1% ABV *Field Spirits, 12x375ml, Wild Ale brewed with rye and honey, dried cherry, current and rose hips, aged in Pinot Noir wine barrels, 9.6% ABV *Ralph, 12x375ml, Wild Fermentation Ale brewed with fir needles and honey, aged in wine barrels, 7.2% ABV